Do you need a new website?

Nov 24, 2015

Has it been 3 or perhaps even 5 years since you last invested in your website?

The internet and it’s technologies have moved on in leaps and bounds in that time.

With more and more people browsing the internet with tablets and mobile phones it is vital that your site works well on all these new devices, not to mention that Google now favours websites utilising a modern responsive layout.

Ultimately, you only get one chance to impress your prospective clients or customers when they visit your site. If your site needs to be pinched and zoomed to read the information clearly or access the menu, or even fails to display at all (which can happen if you are still using Flash based content) then you need to do something about it.

A dated site design could give the impression that you or your company is falling behind the times. Newer website designs take advantage of faster internet access and will benefit visually from the use of higher resolution images and modern technologies, providing a more engaging experience for your viewers and thus a greater chance of getting across your message.

To keep high up in the search results, your website’s content is also vitally important. Your copy needs to be engaging, informative and relevant to your business. Your content needs to be updated regularly to give the search engines something to crawl. It’s not just about including key words and phrases, more importantly you should provide high quality and valuable content.

Historically websites have provided visitors with ‘passive’ content, the end result being effectively an ‘online brochure’. A modern site however, needs to be much more engaging with ‘proactive’ content, utilising ‘calls-to-action’ to draw in the viewers attention and get your message across.

If you have a CMS (Content Management System) make sure it’s up to date. Using the latest version can help ensure that hackers are unable to find any gaps in the security of your software. Thus preventing your content from being deleted, passwords changed or even obscene content being posted on your site.

Are you using Google’s free Analytics service? If not you are missing out on the ability to see how your site is performing. Adding a small tracking code to each page of your site will enable you to see where your viewers are, which pages they are looking at and how they found you.

If you would like to discuss any of the above in relation to your own site then please contact us.

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