Bisley Office Furniture

Bisley Office Furniture, Europe’s leading steel storage manufacturer have an ever expanding range of office and home furniture/storage solutions.

Pierrot provides Bisley with an extensive range of services including catalogue and brochure design and print, packaging and leaflet printing, emailers, exhibition graphics and promotional goods.

Historically, Bisley have produced products for use in the office environment, this has naturally been reflected in the styling of their brochures and marketing.

More recently, with Bisley expanding into the home office market, it has been important to reflect this change in the styling of the accompanying literature.

The Bisley Be and Stage brochures elegantly showcase their latest range of stylish modern furniture and storage items.

With any project or client, the process of getting a catalogue or brochure from the design concept stage through to print can often involve tight deadlines.

We pride ourselves on our ability to rise to the occasion and have repeatedly proven that we can deliver the goods, both creatively and technically when they are needed.

Pierrot has been an enthusiastic, professional and friendly supplier of marketing material over the last eleven years. On many an occasion extreme deadlines were met, last minute changes accommodated and high quality products delivered with a smile. It is a pleasure working with the team and see them as an extension of the Bisley Marketing Services Department.

Bruce Whitfield

Marketing Services Manager, Bisley Office Furniture Ltd

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