InterContinental Hotels Group Training Animations

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC informally InterContinental Hotels or IHG is a British multinational hotels company headquartered in Denham, UK.

IHG has over 742,000 rooms and 5,028 hotels across nearly 100 countries.

Working with IHG

We have worked closely with IHG for many years on a variety of projects.

In particular we have been involved in the production and distribution of training materials, staff incentive and promotional campaigns.

VCRO Animation Project

Recently we were comissioned to produce a set of four animations.

Based on a simplistic, ‘info-graphic’ style, the animations take you on a journey, explaining the benefits of using the VCRO telephone booking services.

If you require anything in a similar vein, please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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